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Sep 14, 2020

“You do the best you can with what’s thrown at you, then you try again.”


-Mario Andretti



What does the Highway Bill, or HR 2 have to do with builders and raters?


What has happened to the “builders tax credit” over the course of the last few months and what is store as we head towards and through the...

Aug 24, 2020

“You change your business plan to anticipate and adapt to changes in the marketplace.”


-Jon Feltheimer

It seems like everyone is talking about change lately spurred in a large part by the global pandemic.


Rolling with the changes, staying on mission, continuing to work towards your vision are no mean feats.


Aug 10, 2020

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”

-Winston Churchill

Disruptive trends exist in every segment of commerce. Residential construction is no exception. 


Between changing customer needs and demands, new materials, changing codes, changes in the workforce, and an increased demand for sustainability, all...

Jul 27, 2020

 “Make no mistake about it: Change is hard, but change is necessary.”

-Lori Lightfoot

As organizations grow, systems, policies and procedures develop. Grasping the complexities of an organization can become daunting. Especially if you are new or “at the edges of contact” with the organization. It may be...

Jul 13, 2020

“How come it’s given you the code?

Someone up there likes me.”


-Cathica and The Doctor from Doctor Who (S01E07)

What does the future world of residential construction look like?

What do opportunities lie for HERS raters in a code world?


Yes, podcast listener someone likes you and will share the code.