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Feb 17, 2020

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

-Ray Kroc

There’s usually only one chance in the life of a home to get the insulation right.

To get it right, insulation installers need training, experience and standards to adhere to.

What does it take to be the top in this field?

David Beam believes it comes from a company’s leadership.


David Beam, President & CEO of Insulate America, shares with us his insights into what it takes to become America’s best insulation installer.


David explains how important it is to balance time and quality efforts in order to run a successful insulation job and business. 


For the last 2 decades, David has been involved the prestigious annual Insulation Installation contest that is co-sponsored by Insulate America and Johns-Manville. He tells us about the history of the contest and fierce competition and tight timelines involved for the 40 competitors. The winners walk away with trophies, bragging rights and cash prizes.


But, more importantly, David tells us of the impressive coaching, education and mentoring that goes on amongst the over 150 people that attend the event each fall. 


Learn more about this year’s event at this site:


And look for the call to compete in the late summer of every year.


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