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Mar 13, 2023

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

-Warren Bennis 


What are some of the qualities embodied in outstanding board leaders?

Someone who has experience in business leadership roles. 

A person that has a proven track record in developing and executing strategy.

Someone who demonstrates a forward-thinking mentality.


In today’s podcast, we are joined by two outstanding board leaders, Mark Johnson, Executive VP and Director of Business Development at the International Code Council, and Cy Kilbourn, Vice President of Engineering at Ekotrope.

We learn of their backgrounds and growing involvement with RESNET over the years and how fitting they are to take on these roles: Mark as Board President and Cy as Board Vice President.

Mark describes his plans to continue to ensure that RESNET is the gold standard within the industry which includes the growing interest in and use of the Carbon Index.

Cy notes how he will help encourage and support the opportunities offered in field code compliance work, ESG reporting, and the extension of the 45L tax credit.

Mark and Cy are focusing on the realization and execution of these and other initiatives.


RESNET’s 2023 Mission, Goals, and Priorities:

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