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Apr 1, 2024

"Advocacy is the mirror reflecting the voices of the community into the corridors of power."

- Unknown

In today’s podcast we cover the topic of advocacy and public policy in the context of the residential energy sector learning from our guests Robert Pegues, General Manager of Technical Delivery at US Ecologic, and RESNET board member, and Carl Chidlow, a lobbyist representing RESNET. Robert shares his background in the sector, highlighting his experience at last year’s policy forum and his involvement with regional and national energy councils. Carl provides insights into RESNET's efforts to engage with policymakers through the RESNET Policy Forum, emphasizing the importance of practitioner involvement in legislative processes and the positive outcomes from bipartisan support on issues like the 45L tax credit and VA home loans.

Our main discussion revolves around the upcoming 2024 RESNET Policy Forum, where industry professionals will convene to advocate for energy efficiency and housing policies. Carl explains the event's objectives and the practical aspects of participating, such as scheduled meetings with Congress members and the importance of constituency in policy advocacy, a truly turnkey process for the participant. Our narrative underlines the significance of direct engagement in shaping policies that affect the residential energy sector.

The conversation also touches on the practical and personal aspects of participating in such an event, with Robert sharing his initial apprehensions and eventual satisfaction from influencing policy and advocating for industry concerns. Both Carl and Robert encourage listeners to participate in the policy forum, highlighting the opportunity to affect change and the foundational American right to petition the government. The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to consider attending the policy forum and engaging in the democratic process to advocate for their industry and interests.

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