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Dec 17, 2018

 Time for your annual checkup, RESNET!


So, open wide (your ears) and listen as we join RESNET staff members Laurel Elam, Scott Doyle and Billy Giblin for their insights into what is happening on the quality assurance front.


You will gain a clearer picture of how this experienced and thoughtful team engages on several levels with raters, providers and others to achieve the best possible product: a consistent HERS index rating.


Hear how the annual, online and infield reviews combine to shape the standards, and direct the education and communication aspects at RESNET.


Listen in as we hear of real-world experiences during the new infield QA reviews that are integral to this process.


We also note how RESNET, and especially this team, pays close attention to the business aspects of ratings to ensure that their collective efforts cause a high-quality service to be delivered without creating unnecessary burden.


Pros (and especially Realtors and Appraisers) in the building industry should consider attending the annual conference which will be held in New Orleans, LA Feb 25-27, 2019 more info at:


RESTalk: To the RESNET community, we hear you and want to engage.


Pros can learn more at

Consumers can learn more at

Or for more info on this topic contact RESNET at INFO@RESNET.US