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Jun 25, 2018

In this episode, your host Bill Spohn welcomes Laurel Elam and Scott Doyle, two team members at RESNET dedicated to Quality Assurance.

They discuss the importance of high quality information as a key component to help achieve the goal that RESNET has for the year 2020: that 50% of all new homes be energy rated.

We also hear about the mountains of data that are collected and the new systems being put in place to use that data to the benefit of all stakeholders.

You’ll hear about the proactive systems that are in place including the QA Genie system which helps to assess ratings across raters, providers and regions, as well as the voluntary program to track quality assurance reviews in the RESNET Registry which allows for “real time” feedback.

Additionally, Scott and Laurel discuss their career backgrounds as well as their shared business and personal commitments to improving the quality of HERS ratings.

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