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Oct 7, 2019

It’s true: teamwork makes the dream work.

-Natalya Neidhart

It used to be that designing and building a Net Zero home was a far-fetched idea.

Now, there are several Net Zero competitions with utilities, raters, builders and home owners working together to raise public awareness of this accelerating trend showcasing the benefits of building beyond code requirements.

Join us to hear Mike Loughlin program manager with the utility, Eversource, and Joe Rando, a senior engineering assistant and HERS rater with GDS Associates, describe the Drive to Net Zero Competition which is starting into its third year in New Hampshire.


We learn about background and details of the competition and hear about the 2018 winners including a deep dive into the five criteria which define the competition.


Joe describes the HERS rating and ENERGY STAR® certification services GDS Associates provided for the winning high-performance home. While Mike discusses leveraging the benefits of state level supported energy efficiency programs and the continued partnership with the region’s utility providers and building industry.


Like many companies involved in HERS ratings GDS works with the local utilities and builders to assist in the pivotal market transformation that continues to bring recognition to the benefits of building comfortable, durable, healthy and efficient homes. 


Mike offers his contact info for anyone considering developing such a program in their area:


For more info see the press release:



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