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Nov 4, 2019

The success of a production depends on the attention paid to detail.

-David O. Selznick

Building any new home requires tremendous attention to detail.


And if you are looking for high performance features, the details skyrocket.


The details of what a customer wants, what materials and designs are available and proven are super critical for proper integration into a sometimes unique, yet always complex system.


If only there were a way to collect and evaluate these details in advance to improve performance, lower cost and shorten build times.


Well… there is.

Multi-award-winning builder, Jay Epstein joins us to discuss Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems and how they can integrate and connect all the building plans across the trades.


Across his 30+ year career as a builder in Virginia, Jay always strives to appeal to a buyer’s senses, while searching for simplicity of the build.


He shares key insights like understanding a new home buyer’s perspective by reflecting on the house they are coming from and how using BIM for a high-performance home can achieve cost neutrality (or better) than market rate “equivalent” homes. He serves as the interpreter between technical numbers and a customer’s expectations.


We also get to take a virtual walk through some of the communities that he has built and is building. The road to these results is paved with research and learning from subcontractors and consultants, like his HERS raters. 


Jay can be reached at Jay@HEC-VA.COM and you can see some of his latest work at – the first Zero Net Energy Ready community in Virginia.


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