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Jul 16, 2018

In today’s episode, your host Bill Spohn welcomes Steve Baden, Executive Director for RESNET to discuss how RESNET is working to enhance the Consistency of HERS rating software results.

RESNET acknowledges that rating scores have varied depending on the software used and this impacts the quality and impact that a rating can have for all parties. Additionally, RESNET understands this core topic can generate frustration amongst raters.

He details out the many continuous improvement activities that have taken place and those that are planned including the recruitment of an energy modeling director to “referee” the collaborative competition that is now going on amongst the software vendors.

Steve notes while this seems like a never-ending story, the process of continuous improvement for marketplace driven solutions must continue for 1 to 2 more years before a single software engine may be instituted by the RESNET board.

Reference publications noted in this podcast include RESNET No. 002 “Procedures for Verification of RESNET Accredited HERS Software Tools”, ANSI/ASHRAE 140-2011, Class II, Tier 1 Software Accuracy Tests amongst others.

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