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May 11, 2020

Human beings are very good at adapting to what happens

-John Hurt

Building science is building science.

Science doesn’t care. It just is.

Applications for a HERS Rater’s knowledge of building science are out there.

Sometimes where you’d least expect them.

Recorded in April 2020, today’s topic is tuned in to the current pandemic, perhaps, in an unexpected way.


Join us as we speak with Matthew Cooper, Senior Vice President at PEG, LLC about how his company is supporting the healthcare community by providing third-party isolation room monitoring.

Matthew starts with an overview of PEG’s 22-year history and how the company evolved into the multifaceted organization it is today, including becoming a HERS Rating Provider and RESNET 100,000 Homes Club member.

We discuss the PEG team’s previous experience in the healthcare setting and how they are now providing independent monitoring of hospital isolation rooms, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms and Emergency Rooms where suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients are being cared for. 


As to the point that science doesn’t care, monitoring includes differential pressure, temperature and relative humidity which are all key factors in isolating airborne infection patients for the protection of both healthcare workers and other patients. These parameters should be immediately recognizable to the HERS rater.

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