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Jul 13, 2020

“How come it’s given you the code?

Someone up there likes me.”


-Cathica and The Doctor from Doctor Who (S01E07)

What does the future world of residential construction look like?

What do opportunities lie for HERS raters in a code world?


Yes, podcast listener someone likes you and will share the code.



Chris McTaggart (The BER) and Ryan Meres (RESNET) join us on the podcast to detail out the HERS Rater’s role in Energy Code compliance.

The International Code Council now offers a new combination designation, the IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist. To qualify you must be a current RESNET HERS Rater and hold the Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner Certification (79).

We learn how this designation combines the energy code knowledge of code officials with the energy efficiency knowledge of HERS Raters to provide more powerful advice in energy plan review and inspection. This new credential leverages the strengths of both RESNET and IECC to increase the number of qualified personnel available for evaluating energy code compliance and home energy performance.

They explain how an IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist demonstrates their competence in energy performance measurement and energy code proficiency. In areas where jurisdictions face resource constraints, these certified specialists can supplement the work in this dual role.

Topics we cover include HERS rater involvement with duct and envelope leakage testing and the R405 performance path compliance.

Both Chris and Ryan cover a few on the myths and misconceptions they have encountered along the way as this designation has developed.


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