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Aug 10, 2020

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”

-Winston Churchill

Disruptive trends exist in every segment of commerce. Residential construction is no exception. 


Between changing customer needs and demands, new materials, changing codes, changes in the workforce, and an increased demand for sustainability, all the pieces of the machine are in motion.


Stepping back from the complexity and seeing patterns in the chaos is trait of many successful small businesses. What patterns and opportunities are emerging when you step back?



With the analytic prowess of a former accountant, the entrepreneurial skills gained in Silicon Valley, and 18 years’ experience in the building trades, our guest today, John Gillett, shares with us a broad roadmap of the new business opportunities that are emerging for HERS raters.


John very neatly weaves together several topics we have covered in past episodes of RESTalk so we can see where the big picture of business is headed for raters:


Episodes 3 & 50: HERS H2O


Episode 20: ANSI/RESNET/ACCA Standard 310


Episodes 35 & 53: Energy Code Compliance


Episode 36: Building Information Modeling (BIM)


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