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Aug 24, 2020

“You change your business plan to anticipate and adapt to changes in the marketplace.”


-Jon Feltheimer

It seems like everyone is talking about change lately spurred in a large part by the global pandemic.


Rolling with the changes, staying on mission, continuing to work towards your vision are no mean feats.


How is the team at RESNET adapting the annual conference to deliver the high-quality educational content and social interactions while looking out for the health and safety of all involved?



The team at RESNET had some tough decisions to make regarding the 2021 Conference. After polling the community, the RESNET staff and board found that a virtual conference in 2021 is best for the safety and convenience of attendees to still get quality information.


Emma Bennett and Steve Baden join us to walk us through the inputs, research and decision-making leading up the delivery of the 2021 conference in a virtual format. 


We will hear about the changes and some unique benefits of a virtual event including overcoming the common “problem” for in-person attendees of not being able to see all sessions.


The in-person social interactions will morph into unique and interactive networking opportunities. Fittingly, the theme of the 2021 RESNET Conference is “A New Path to the Future”. Stay tuned for more details.


NOTE: Traditional in-person events are planned for the 2022 RESNET Conference in Austin, TX, 2023 RESNET Conference in Scottsdale, AZ and 2024 RESNET Conference in Atlanta, GA 

RESTalk: To the RESNET community, we hear you and want to engage.


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