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Oct 12, 2020

“I think things happen for a reason.”

-Dave Davies 



Changes in consumer buying patterns and preferences are a constant topic in every market, especially housing.


How are the consumer sentiments changing due to disruptive technologies, yet alone the changes brought about in in a world dealing with a pandemic?


What are some of the new areas that building professionals and manufacturers need to learn about and act on?



Today’s guest, Sara Gutterman, has some perspectives to share with us.


You see, Sara lives on a mountain, both physically and metaphorically. 


From her home in Hinsdale County Colorado, where she is a County Commissioner, to the mountain of data that come from her entrepreneurial activities with Green Builder Media, Sara will outline for us some trends, as well as permanent changes that are impacting the building market.


Learn which demographic is the number one influencer is in the building market and what they are looking for. Sara also provides insights into how the pandemic is influencing both the residential and commercial building markets.


We discuss modular and panelized construction techniques as well as ADUs and a brilliant idea on how to repurpose excess commercial space. Stick around to the end to hear the about two key trends that need our attention.


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