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Mar 15, 2021

 “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

- Tony Robbins




Each year RESNET develops their list of priorities to tackle.


A specific four-step process is used which engages both the board and staff.


Where did this process (which started in August 2020) lead to for 2021?

How do the essential activities goals and priorities all work together in a cohesive fashion?

Steve Baden gives us an overview of the RESNET priorities for 2021. 


You’ll want to listen in to hear the process used, the outcomes, and the big three takeaways for 2021.


RESNET focuses on transparency and credibility in achieving its goals. 


You can learn more about the activities, goals, and priorities in noted in an easy to digest infographic found here:

At the time of the recording the RESNET 2021 virtual conference had yet to occur.

You can still log in for register to access well over 100 hours of amazing conference content at this link:


RESTalk: To the RESNET community, we hear you and want to engage.


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Or for more info on this topic contact RESNET at INFO@RESNET.US