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Sep 10, 2018

Build it Tight. Ventilate Right. We hear a lot about the former, what about the latter?


Listen in as we chat with Scott Grefsheim a Senior Product Engineer at Research Products (AprilAire) as he shares his 25-year passion for building products that improve health and comfort in homes and buildings.


We discuss his complex role as a product engineer to define product specifications to satisfy building occupants, builders, dealers, energy raters as well as codes.


He covers how various types of products and controls perform the basic role of ventilation which is to dilute the indoor pollutants to acceptable levels while maintaining occupant comfort.


Scott shares three key points of advice for Energy Raters:

1) Know the (air) flow that is required in the building you are testing. This can come from the codes or tables or some calculators/programs.


2) Don’t overventilate, as that brings on additional energy needs of heating or cooling or dehumidifying or humidifying the ventilation air.


3) Install properly and measure performance; being certain that you are using the appropriate controls


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