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Oct 25, 2021

“You can expect what you inspect.”

-W. Edwards Deming 


Which “appliance” in a house usually consumes the most energy?

Which “appliance” in a house is constructed from multiple components that have never run before they are assembled on site?

Wouldn’t it be great if a terrific installation of said “appliance” gained you some HERS points?

(Forgive my relative misuse of the word appliance – I needed to get your attention.)


We are joined today by Wes Davis (Director of Technical Services at ACCA) and Scott Doyle (Technical Director at RESNET) to learn more about the first voluntary standard for additional rated features – Standard 310, Grading the Installation of HVAC Systems.

While the standard was just published in June 2020, you can jump back to RESTALK Episode 20 to hear more about the early days of the development of this standard.

While HVAC defaults can be used in a rating, builders will be excited to learn that in some cases up to an additional six (6) points may be available for an HVAC system installation rated according to Standard 310.

The standard evaluates five (5) key aspects of an HVAC system: Design Review, Total Duct Leakage, Blower Fan Airflow, Blower Fan Watt Draw and Proper Refrigerant Charge. There are usually a couple options for evaluation of each aspect.

Each aspect can get a Grade 1,2, or 3, which of course affects the final system grade.

Raters can expand their skills in this important area by taking part in the free 4.5-hour training program followed by a field practical assessment.

You can get more background on or review a copy of the standard 310 at the links below:


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