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Oct 21, 2019

ICC and RESNET Collaborate to Increase Energy Code Compliance and Home Energy Efficiency


When you need to innovate, you need collaboration.

- Marissa Mayer


Mark Johnson, Executive VP and Director of Business Development for the International Code Council (ICC) joins RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden to review their joint goals and activities associated with increasing energy code compliance which drives towards the outcome of increasing residential energy efficiency.


They review activities that are designed to build trust and creditability with code officials while helping to relieve some of the officials ever increasing work load, by allowing officials to focus on the public safety aspects as an ICC Certified HERS Rater focusses on the energy and building science aspects.


HERS Raters proudly bring their attributes of training and certification through RESNET’s Gold Standard which provides oversight as a national third-party quality assurance process.


Additionally, transparency is delivered through the RESNET National Buildings Registry which will soon include a code official portal for immediate code document review.


So far, 200 HERS Raters have trained and been certified by ICC for energy code plans review and inspection. Raters that attend the National conference have a unique opportunity to train and be tested in a pre-conference session. This certification can easily add to their rating business’ “product line”.


RESTalk: To the RESNET community, we hear you and want to engage.


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