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Apr 22, 2019

At times we all wish we had a crystal ball.

You know, something to help you see into the future.


What if the crystal ball was a gateway into your imagination, your own personal vision of what you could help accomplish in the future?

Pretty awesome, right?


That’s the spirit of our conversation today with these fine “fellows” in this podcast


Elizabeth Sanfelippo, Jonathan Gensler and Xavier Walter applied for and were selected to be the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council Fellows in 2019.


In today’s episode we will hear about the similarities and differences in their backgrounds, as well as contrasting the opportunities and challenges in the regions in which they work.


We also learn of their hopes and goals for the future of the industry and their concrete plans to achieve their goals.


One common theme developed was that of being an inspiration and offering to teach, train and educate on a regular basis to help their markets progress.


We close with a challenge given to them by the host of the podcast.


Listen in and be inspired.

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