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May 6, 2019

Attention to detail is important in so many facets of life.

Certainly, in dealing with people.

And also, when dealing with things.


Listen in as we hear about how the details of proper air sealing can make such a difference in the comfort, performance and energy efficiency of the thing we all hold so near and dear; the home.


Our guest in this podcast, Charlie Haack is the Director of Technical Services for NAIMA, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association.


Charlie’s background in architecture and in field work with energy star homes gives him great perspective to discuss the multifaceted aspects of moving the concepts of better air sealing into common practice.


Sometimes it amounts to not overlooking the big holes, as “air will find a way”. At other times, it’s a combination of factors that needs to be addressed.


Based on research work from Owens-Corning, NAIMA has put together a guide to the top 5 Priorities in Air Sealing Locations:


From state and national code hearings, to contractors’ guides, to technical presentations, and keeping up with green certification programs, NAIMA is tackling the good work that needs to be done in this area.


Go to to learn more from the in-depth resources they provide.


Other interesting reference on their site include:


  • What Builders want from Home Raters:

  • Building Science 101:


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