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Jul 10, 2023

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others.

It is the only thing.”

-Albert Schweitzer


Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to help families build and improve places to call home. In the process developing strong and stable communities with affordable housing.

Often household utility costs make affordability a challenge.

What factors need to fall into place to address this challenge of affordability?

How are cozy, comfortable, attractive homes that use no net energy being built in the Habit for Humanity model?


Join us as Rob Lochner, Construction Director at Habit for Humanity, Santa Fe and David Best, HERS Rater with Evergreen Building Solutions ( share with us the fascinating story of how 15 NetZero / HERS-ZERO homes have been built in the Habitat for Humanity program in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

David describes some of the straightforward technical practices and measures that have been used as the program has evolved since 2020.

While these homes are attracting interest and providing influence, Rob shares insights into what seems to be preventing more widespread adoption of these practices in more projects.

To learn more or contact our guests, refer to the links below.

Links for our guests:

David Best:
David’s LinkedIn

Rob Lochner:

Video with Rob:


Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity Website:

Albuquerque Journal Story:



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