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Sep 18, 2023

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good.


-Jochen Zeitz


In this episode of the RESTalk podcast we are joined by Robert Broad, Senior Vice President of Development at AMH (NYSE: AMH), where he oversees new home and community development operations - including land acquisition, land development, purchasing, product development, and construction.


Robert shares with us AMH’s focus on a desire to create more energy efficient homes using scalable techniques and measurable goals. During this conversation we learn of some new and innovative approaches by AMH. 


Robert also shares with us why AMH chooses to have its homes HERS® Rated and what he feels are the special aspects of a HERS® Rated home.


We hear that in 2022, AMH built 2,183 homes with an average HERS® score of 61.9 or 0.9 better than 2021.


Robert tells us how RESNET offers builders a quantifiable program where you can excel with a wide range of markers that’s compatible across multiple regions and climate zones. 


With AMH investing in being long-term owner-operator, durability is key operating metric in their new builds. RESNET helps AMH establish their baseline in sustainability efforts to create a strong foundation they can use to track progress year over year.


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