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Feb 12, 2024

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

- Abraham Lincoln


Data is king, they say. How can the RESNET Quality Assurance (QA) app's data insights revolutionize how we rate energy-efficient homes?


Imagine a world where getting your home energy rating was made easier by using a smartphone app. Is that the future the RESNET QA app promises?


Our trio of guests, Quality Assurance Designees (QADs) Cassandra Wright from Strand Systems and Leo Jansen from Energy Efficient Homes Midwest, and RESNET Quality Assurance Field  Specialist Billy Giblin, help us to understand the development and application of the new RESNET QA app, a tool designed to improve the quality and consistency of home energy ratings. Here are some key points:



  • The QA checklist was created to address concerns about inconsistencies in quality assurance (QA) reviews.

  • The checklist evolved through several versions and became a mandatory provider requirement.

  • The need for better data access and tracking led to development of the QA app.


The App:

  • Available on the Apple Store, Google Play, and as a web app.

  • Streamlines the QA process by pulling data from the RESNET Buildings Registry.

  • Saves time and reduces manual entries.

  • Allows providers to control access for their QADs.


Future Plans:

  • Integrate with other energy efficiency programs like Energy Star Indoor airPlus and Zero Energy Ready Homes.

  • Create a forum for QADs to ask questions and share best practices.

  • Develop dashboards for providers and QADs to track their QA and performance.

  • Implement an API for providers who want to use their own tools for QA.



  • Improves transparency and consistency in QA reviews.

  • Provides valuable data for tracking and improving performance.

  • Reduces the workload for QADs and providers.



  • Providers who use a retroactive QA model may need to adjust their process.

  • Learning curve for using the new app and API.


Overall, the RESNET QA app is a positive step towards improving the quality and consistency of home energy ratings. Everyone will need time to adjust to the new system, but the potential benefits are significant.

Link to RESNET site with info on the QA app:

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