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Sep 28, 2020

“To be a carpenter or a builder or a home inspector, you have to have that kind of visual brain where you can sort of imagine something being taken apart.”

-Nick Petrie 



Even before the impact of the pandemic, the housing market was in a challenging time.


The home building industry is certainly complicated in the physical world with all the components, materials and contractors that need to come together.


What additional complexities have arisen in the last 6 months? What do builders and raters need to know to be better prepared?



Clayton Traylor joins us on the podcast to shed some light on the deceptively complicated world of home building. He will help us take apart and see all the pieces involved.

From his position as VP for State and Regulatory Affairs at the Leading Builders of America, Clayton has a great handle on the numbers, trends, demographics and more as LBA represents 20 of the nation’s largest builders. 

Clayton helps peek into the looking glass of what the largest home builders see on the road ahead and lends advice on where you need to be positioned to succeed.


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