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Mar 29, 2021

 “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. 

For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

- Margaret Mead




Winning national housing awards year after year, comes with focused effort.


However, the efforts put forth by Thrive Home Builders are NOT focused on winning awards.


What are the simple concepts that Thrive executes so well that have put them in such a special group and allowed them to flourish (or thrive)?


What advice does Thrive have for builders who wish to start the journey to high performance and even Net Zero homes?

Our guest today is Gene Myers who founded GreenTree Homes in the Denver area in 1992, well before green was a thing. Under his leadership the company has grown into the very successful and award winning Thrive Home Builders.


Gene has developed this award-winning green building program to meet the highest standards of LEED®, Indoor airPLUS, Zero Energy Ready Homes and Energy Star®. 


In 2020, Thrive also achieved the lowest average HERS score (26.9) in the country for a builder completing more than 50 homes.


Recognized as 2019’s EPA Indoor airPLUS Leader of the Year, Thrive tells potential customers they “can breathe easy knowing their Thrive home was built to the highest health standards with superior air quality.”


Gene has created a recipe for success that he shares with us in this conversation.


One of the key points is education, first of his team, then of his customer.

He uses the resources of programs, and his HERS rater in this continuum of education.


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